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Cat VR / Zoos Victoria




In Australia, cats kill more than one million wildlife every day. And with felines being notoriously independent, most owners believe it’s too hard to keep their pet happy and healthy indoors. To educate owners, we first needed to capture their attention. Enter Cat VR - the world’s first pet-friendly virtual reality.



Jessie Kho:

”Can’t tell if it is a joke or not”


Lina Pennachia Lee:

”We have to buy one of those to our cat”

Matthew Salvage:

Is this satire? Is someone taking the piss?”


Melissa Drysdale:

”How do I get one please?”


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Supporting the immersive experience for cats, is a website designed to create a community of cat lovers sharing tips and advice on how to offer a safe and enriching life for cats inside, and a safer environment for native wildlife outside.